Luxury Hotel & Wellness 5*L


As part of our corporate policy, we want to offer customers with disabilities a personalised service tailored to their every need. A new mentality that must unhinge old beliefs, undo false legends, and must necessarily be accompanied by an assumption of responsibility on the part of the manager so that he is strongly committed to a path of continuous and progressive improvement.

Our philosophy of approach with the disabled customer is to build with him a path that can make his stay pleasant, making any type of service accessible to him in the best possible way. Therefore, we have provided for the inclusion of tailor-made facilities, with a view to all-round quality.


It is easy to see that careful and effective management of accessibility makes it possible to create environments that, because they can be used by a customer in a wheelchair, are more comfortable and appreciated by everyone. Attention to the management of spaces, the search for flexible design solutions that are adaptable and attentive to the needs of all customers, including children, the elderly and persons with disabilities, is rooted in accessible tourism, but should become a generalised operating method for raising the quality of tourism in the broadest sense.

Our experience with paraplegics in wheelchairs has shown that certain measures are needed to achieve four fundamental objectives:

Freedom of autonomous movement within the structure

-Slide paths throughout the hotel to enable you to move around the hotel in complete freedom
-Lifts with an entrance area suitable for any wheelchair

Image normality

All of the hotel's bathrooms allow, through customisation, to accompany and solve the motor needs of our guests. Horizontal supports are placed on the wall at the side of the toilet, opposite the side where there is free space for side-by-side, with the height of the horizontal support not exceeding 80cm from the ground, measured from the top of the support. The position of this support facilitates all movements and allows the transfer from the wheelchair, in a frontal-oblique position with respect to the vessel itself. As an alternative to the folding support, a horizontal support can also be inserted into the rear wall. We do not have any special bathrooms for the disabled, but each bathroom is adapted to the mobility needs of our guests. All our showers are equipped to solve all kinds of motor problems by means of suction handles that can be individually positioned together with the guests.

Accessibility - Hospitality - Beauty

The approach taken by our project definitively breaks the binomial room for the disabled = anonymity/pure practicality. The aim was to respond to the request, common to all customers (with or without disabilities), to have a hotel room that is certainly accessible, but also welcoming and beautiful.


All our guests, including paraplegics in wheelchairs, can choose any room in the hotel and are not limited to the one provided for them by law. All our guests must be able to personalise their stay.

Our company policy has been to implement all the objectives set, and our guest with motor problems will be able, with the help of our specialised staff, to put in place a path and a customisation suited to their needs.